Aims of Macroom Family Resource Centre

  • To provide, promote and develop a wide range of community based family support services
  • To create opportunities for individuals and families to become actively involved in their own learning and development.
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for people to become involved in educational and developmental programmes towards realising their full potential.
  • To promote and develop a community awareness in health care, education, community development, social justice and empowerment.



Our Childcare Programme provides a full range of Services for children from 3-months to 11 Years. Creche – Day Care – Pre-School Play Group – Parent & Toddler Group – After Schools Service including collection.

We are:

  • Community Managed
  • Professionally Staffed
  • Purpose-Built
  • Child-Centered with age appropriate equipment and toys
  • Absolutely Safe and Secure
  • Committed to Quality in all things
  • Quality approach to children
  • Quality approach to food and its preparation
  • Quality value for money
  • Quality back-up supports


We provide a full range of Counselling Supports:

  • Marriage Counselling
  • Personal & family Support Counselling
  • Rainbows “Bereavement Supports for Children who have experienced loss through death, marriage break-up, relationship strains, etc


Macroom Family Resource Centre undertakes projects of Community and social research based on Community needs and/or emerging Community issues. Such research projects are normally funded by relevant State bodies and executed by the Resource Centre.


Our centre is open for the support and provision of non-formal adult and child education in areas identified by our Service Users. We provide appropriate community placements on an ongoing basis for individuals and groups who wish to develop useful Community and Social skills.

Community Development

One of our main objectives in to be a partner in the development of Macroom and its environs where quality of life can be enhanced for all the Community but in particular for those experiencing exclusion socially, economically and educationally. We pursue Community Development processes and practices of inclusion to support this area of our work.

Community Information

Macroom FRC provides a free range of relevant Community based information for all service users and members of the public. This information includes:

  • Relevant contacts in the Macroom area
  • Social Welfare entitlements and referrals
  • “Health related issue” information, advice and referral
  • Personal and family budgeting
  • Contact with Community Support Groups

Social Disadvantage

All of our work is underpinned by a commitment to addressing Social Disadvantage at all levels and to prioritising such cases above less urgent issues. However we are fully committed to an approach of inclusion and not of poverty labelling. Therefore in all aspects of our work we strive to achieve a social mix in proportion to the already well proportioned mix in existence in Macroom.